Clan MacLean Hunting Tartan Sewing Machine Cover

Ever since I created the Clan MacLean Hunting Tartan chart, I had been itching to make something. I decided to use a portion of the chart and make a sewing machine cover.

This is made by crocheting a DC mesh in your desired colors and then weaving crocheted chains into the mesh. With plaid, the stripes you make in one direction, you copy in the other direction.


This is a photo of the completed square. I didn’t take any in-progress pictures, but if you google “crochet plaid” you will find examples and directions. I would like to link to the page that helped me, but WordPress is being difficult and not allowing me to post links.

Tartan 2

This photo was taken to try to give you, my dear readers, some sense of size.

Single Crochet Two Edges

I tied the chains together to secure them and then trimmed their ends. Next, I did a simple, white, single-crochet border on the two sides that were not being sewn together.

Folded in Half and Sewn Up Edges

I decided which side was the outside, folded it in half inside out and using white yarn, did a single crochet to sew up the sides. This picture shows it sewn up, inside out.

On Sewing Machine

Then, I turned it right side out and placed it over my sewing machine. Voila!

It took me longer than I expected to finish this project. My project notes say 10 days, but I wasn’t working on it every day. I would say that it took me probably 10 hours to finish.

This project was simple, but oh-so tedious. One of the reasons it took me so long to finish is because I kept procrastinating. I would like to make an afghan, but I would seriously have to mentally prepare for it. Overall, I like the results, but I really didn’t enjoy the process.

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