Clan MacLean Hunting Tartan Purse

MacLean Hunting Tartan Pattern Chart

Download JPG: MacLean Hunting Tartan Pattern Chart

Download PDF: MacLean Hunting Tartan Pattern Chart

Image is a color chart for the tartan. I will update photos as soon as I am finished making the purse.

Using worsted-weight yarn and a size N crochet hook, this square will be approximately 36 x 36 inches. Fold in half from bottom to top and seam the sides.

Crochet a strap the length and width that you are comfortable with and attach to opposite sides of the bag. Alternatively, since this is going to be a wide bag, you can just sew the two top corners of the purse body together.

Hold two strands of yarn together during the entire project.

The “x” indicates which two colors are to be held together (green “x” in black square means hold green and black together, etc). Places without an “x” indicate that two strands of the same color will be held together. As an alternative to holding two strands throughout, you can alternate the colors in those rows. For example, in a green and black row, do one stitch green and one stitch black, as indicated in the chart.

This chart is the 82-stitch repeat.

1 square = 1 stitch – using two strands of worsted-weight and a size N crochet hook making (US) single crochet stitches, there are nine stitches in a 4-inch swatch.

Repeat the chart as often as is necessary for your project. If you wish to make your project bigger but with fewer squares, just change the number of stitches per square – do this equally throughout the pattern.

Size / gauge depends on yarn / hook / needles used.

Crocheters: Please adjust the pattern to reflect your turning chains.

I would love to see photos of your projects!

There is a serious lack of patterns for this tartan on the internet; so please feel free to share this pattern!


7 thoughts on “Clan MacLean Hunting Tartan Purse

  1. Marigold says:

    Oh, my goodness! This sounds rather complicated.


  2. Yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to do it… LOL


  3. I’d love to try the ANDERSON MODERN tartan….can you make a pattern? sarahksawyer at gmail dot com


  4. […] decided to modify my MacLean Clan Tartan found here. I made a cowl. This was my first try at knitting with color and my first try using the Intarsia […]


  5. desgirl77 says:

    would you be able to put up a Wemyss Clan Tartan? i can send you the image. Id like to knit a throw in that pattern.


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