Knooking Tutorial

I have been crocheting for many years; but I’ve only learned to knit in the last few.

I’m beginning to get arthritis in my hands and knitting with two straight needles is pretty painful. I discovered circular needles and that was better – but still a bit painful.

Part of the problem is that I have some needle insecurity issues going on. I’m afraid that my knitting will slip off the needles and I will lose my work. In my experience, this is a valid concern, as it has happened to me several times. In order to compensate for this insecurity, I keep a death grip on the needles. This causes me pain and makes knitting a not-so-fun-and-relaxing experience.

Also, I have always found executing knit stitches and purl stitches on needles to be awkward and un-intuitive. I blame this on the fact that I’ve been crocheting for a long time.

A couple of years ago, I discovered knooking. This is actual knitting, but using one modified crochet hook rather than two needles. This is better for me, as the tool is familiar and it doesn’t cause me near as much pain. I’m not forcing my aging joints to learn new motions.

Unfortunately, when I was first learning to knook (using YouTube videos) the experience was still quite awkward. Forming the stitches took a lot of effort and it was very challenging. As a result, I ended up putting the knook away and just resigned myself to no more knitting.

I did acquire a couple of knitting machines and those are great, but not quite the same as working by hand.

Recently, I decided to give knooking another try. I found a Leisure Arts video on YouTube: click here for video. Evidently, this was a different method of making the stitches and (happily!) I have found it to be much easier than my earlier efforts. This method is called “western” and it is more akin to crochet and most crocheters find this to be the easiest method for them to learn.

Because I bounce back and forth between knooking and crochet, I found that I was forgetting how to form the knit and purl stitches; so I made myself a mini tutorial that I can refer to whenever I need a refresher.

Knooking for right-handed folks:

Getting started: cast on (crochet chain) desired number of stitches, then pick up stitches (working right to left, pull loop through each chain stitch, leaving each loop on the hook). Slide stitches off of hook and onto cord. Turn your work so that the hook is on the right and you’re working right to left, just like in crochet.

Knit Stitch:

Yarn held in back.

Insert hook from left to right.

Knook Knit Stitch 1

With hook above working yarn, grasp yarn and pull through stitch.

Knook Knit Stitch 2

Purl Stitch:

Yarn held in front.

Insert hook from right to left.

Knook Purl Stitch 1

Wrap yarn over top of hook, grasp and pull through.

Knook Purl Stitch 2

After all stitches have been worked, slide stitches off hook and onto the cord. Turn your work and continue as per pattern.

Binding Off:

Knit the first stitch (one loop on hook).

*Insert hook into next stitch (now there are two loops on hook), wrap yarn around hook and pull through both loops on hook (back to only one loop on hook).* This feels like a single crochet, but it is actually just doing a slip stitch two together.

Continue * to * until all stitches have been done.

Cut yarn, weave in ends.

I hope this helps all of you who are interested in learning. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification on any of my instructions.




Well, it has definitely been a long time since I’ve posted anything. There hasn’t been much to report…

The kitchen remodel stalled due to health and financial constraints. However, laying of the new floor has begun. Nothing else has been accomplished on the island, but sweetie says he intends that to be his winter project.

I’ve been employed and and am once again unemployed. But really, I’m actually enjoying being home.

I’ve been doing some crochet and knooking.

I finished this crocheted item back in September:

Four Roses Centerpiece

It is 42-inches wide. I intended it to fit one of my coffee tables, but it is much bigger than expected. I’ll need to make something else for that purpose. This will look lovely on my black-lacquer dresser, or as a centerpiece on our dining table. BTW, I have no idea what’s up with the alignment on this paragraph, but no matter what I do, I can’t fix it…

I’ve been re-learning to knook (knitting with a crochet hook) and I learned a different technique. The Leisure Arts way works best for me. I made a mini photo tutorial for myself (being a crocheter I need reminders of how to create the knit and purl stitches because it is similar to crochet) and I’ll make a separate post for that – just in case anyone reading this is interested in learning how to knit with a hook.

I have joined a mystery one-skein knit-along on ravelry. I have no idea what we’re making, but so far this is what it looks like:

One Skein KAL October 2014 2

I’m guessing that it is going to be a hat. Please excuse my imperfect stitches. I’m still learning tension control. I think that after blocking it will look much better.

Before starting the above-mentioned KAL, I knooked this little guy up real quick:


I absolutely adore him! I have no idea what I’m going to do with it… Just add it to the owl collection, I guess.

In addition to the KAL, I am also working on a crochet project. Here is the chart:

Pricilla Filet Peacock Chart

This thread beast is going to be huge. This photo was taken after the first ball of thread was gone:

Peacock First Ball

Unblocked, it measures 53-inches wide. I believe that the unblocked finished object will fit our dining table. I’m going to finish it and decide whether or not I want to block it. I will post photos with each ball of thread used.

I hope this post finds you and yours well. I’m off to make a knooking tutorial!

Finally posting!

I realize that I’ve really let this blog go the last several months… We’ve been dealing with losses, ill health, and other changes. I’m going to try to get back to updating a little more often.

My niece and her boyfriend got their own place, so they aren’t with us anymore. Now, we’ve begun the process of getting settled in and figuring out our own routines.

I’ve started taking over the other bedroom and getting the office cleaned up. Now, the only stuff that’s in the office, is stuff that was originally intended to be in there! Yay! That room was absolutely crammed with boxes! I have a set of shelves that I am going to bring in – it will house the yarn/fiber/spinning stash.

Now that winter seems to be a thing of the past, I also got all the empty cardboard boxes out of the house. I didn’t realize how much space they were taking up!

I recently discovered the Knook (a tool for knitting with a crochet hook) and I really like it! I’ve started on my first knooking project – the Lichen Kerchief. I’m knooking it in a lovely, emerald green, superwash merino wool. It’s soft and luscious and will look great with my red hair! It’s going slower than if I’d crocheted it, but I’m making less mistakes than when I knit with needles. Not exactly sure why that is. Maybe because it’s such a familiar motion that I can focus on the pattern and not so much on what I’m doing..?

I’m trying to grow out my hair and it’s at that awkward stage where it’s making me crazy because I can’t do much with it. Its only saving grace is that it is JUST long enough to put back into a tiny little ponytail. I thought that making a pretty, feminine, lacy kerchief would be just the thing to help me ignore my hair while it grows out.

Speaking of hair… The goats are just about to get their yearly shearing. I don’t know how on earth we are going to catch the girls to get them done. They are still sooooo skittish. But, they need to be done, desperately! They are completely felted! The boys’ fleece is beautiful this year and I really need to acquire some hand carders. We won’t have the llama shorn this year, as she was done last year.

And speaking of the llama… Dolly has taken Tanker under her wing and has been such a good llama mama! She protects him from the girls when they are being mean to him. And she lets him get away with murder! He stands on her back when she’s laying down; she allows him to eat her food; she is so sweet to him!

Well, I guess that’s all I have to report for today. I hope this finds everyone well!