Yarn Clouds Work In Progress

I found a really cute square on ravelry awhile back: pattern here. I decided to work it up, because it looked fun. Well, it was so pretty, I decided that I wanted to make a blanket out of it (incidentally, I’m not making all 12 rounds of the square). Autumn has definitely arrived in our neck of the woods and I really could use a small throw.

You may have noticed my last post, which was regarding half- and quarter-granny triangles. This blanket was the reason for that post.

For this blanket, I’ve decided that I want to turn the squares on point and orient them as diamonds. When one does this, if one wishes to have non-jagged sides, one needs to make half and quarter triangles to fill in the gaps between the squares.

This particular square pattern that I’ve chosen has a sort of nap, if you will. The back-post stitches give it a definite direction. Working the half squares was going to be straightforward. They are worked from the point out, just like the squares are worked from the center out. No worries there.

The problem was going to be for the quarter squares. These are the pieces that will go on each of the four corners. The orientation on these is that the points are actually going away from the center of the blanket. Therefore, working the pattern from the point, would orient the nap of the fabric in the opposite direction of the rest of the blanket. Cue facepalm.

Unfortunately, the tutorial that I linked to in my last post will not work.

But, alas, with some experimentation, I was able to figure it out! I wrote down my pattern for the properly-oriented quarter granny and I will share it with you when I post my tah-dah.

I have two more full squares to finish, six half-square triangles and three quarter-square triangles. I plan on using the flat braid join.

To be continued…

Crochet Quarter- and Half-Granny Triangles

I was having a lot of problems finding information on how to make a quarter- and half-granny triangle. The one and only place that the instructions were posted, was now defunct. I’ve been wracking my brain for days!

I was about to start experimenting. Sadly, I’m not very clever and those sorts of things never seem to work out for me.

A few minutes ago, I remembered the Wayback Machine! That was the answer!

So, if you’re interested in how to make a quarter- or half-granny triangle, click here. The link will take you to the archived post in the Wayback Machine.

I hope this helps!