Works In Progress…

Most of the animals are fine. The goats have had their coats removed. They always look so skinny when we take their fur off! And though they act like they were assaulted, I’m sure they feel much better. I now have a couple of bags of fiber and I do plan on sending it in for processing into roving. I can’t wait to see how it spins up!

Thumper is doing well – fat and happy as usual. But Billy Bob has been ill. He has a bad upper-respiratory infection. He’s been on antibiotics since Monday and is only just beginning to show improvement. He goes back to the vet on the 20th for a follow up. If he hasn’t had a drastic improvement by then, they will burn x-rays. The doctor was a bit concerned that he might have cancer. We’re really hoping that he doesn’t. He’s such a sweet little guy and he’s had such a hard, hard life. It would just be tragic if he died in the near future.

My son and his fiance (the ones who just lost their baby) came for a visit. They were here for a little over a week and left yesterday afternoon. It was nice to see them.

They knew that I was going to be working on Independence Day and the day after. And because my job requires that I get up at an ungodly hour in the morning – therefore I go to bed at an ungodly hour – they knew that I would not be able to enjoy any of the evening’s festivities. They were thoughtful enough to bring some fireworks. We waited until Monday night (I have Tuesdays off) and after the sun went down, we went out to a clearing on our property and shot them off. It was 9:30pm and though I could hardly keep my eyes open, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thankfully they didn’t set off any firecrackers – I’ve always hated those things. I got to try not to catch myself on fire with a sparkler and they lit of a couple of really nice fountains. He tried to set off a bee-shaped thing that I think would’ve been dangerous if it had functioned properly.

I helped my future daughter-in-law choose a photographer for their upcoming wedding – that was fun.

Overall, they seem to be doing well. She is healing well and he seems to have pulled out of the depression that he went into after the baby died. I hope it continues.

They told me that my grandson had been wrapped in the blanket that I made for him from the moment he was born, until after he died (the only exception being when he was getting weighed and measured). For that reason, they decided that they wanted to have him cremated in it, too. That was the sweetest and most touching thing that I’ve ever heard and it made me cry. It’s making me cry a little bit now, even.

Since I don’t know of any more babies being born in the near future, I can take a break from working on baby blankets for a little while. I decided that I really need to work on kitchen curtains.

As you may (or may not) be aware, I have finished one curtain panel already. However, it’s a granny-square thing and just too lacy to be an effective curtain. I had fully intended to use my knitting machine to do them, but I decided that I wanted something with a little bit of lace. And that’s just not very easy to do on my machine.

I decided that I would knook them, so they needed to utilize a knitting pattern. I’m using a portion of this pattern. The part I’m using is the center motif. The holes are arranged to look like little flowers. The pattern is super-easy to memorize. It will give me enough lace to be happy and enough solid to make my sweetie happy. I’ve completed 10 rows of garter on the bottom and am putting 5 stitches of garter on each side. I’m currently on row 11 of pattern repeat 3. I’m not sure how long I’ll need to make it, but it will be wider than it is long. Hopefully, I won’t suffer from second-curtain-panel syndrome like I seem to often do and I’ll actually finish BOTH of them!

And of course, because knitting miles of white yarn is boring (and because I have project ADD) I am planning on making a Year of Weather something. I believe the original idea came from here. Basically, you work one row for each day of the year. In the link I provided, she is working on a scarf that reflects the colors of the sky. I am planning on doing something that reflects our daily temperatures.

The code I’ve come up with (but may change) is this:

  • Below 0 to 10 degrees = white
  • 11 to 30 degrees = baby blue
  • 31 to 50 degrees = turquoise
  • 51 to 70 degrees = light green (I’m thinking a bright, spring green)
  • 71 to 90 degrees = dark green
  • 91 to above 100 = yellow
  • For birthdays and days of remembrance I’ll use orange

Luckily for me, my neighbor up the road has a weather station. It sends data to weather underground. I was able to go there and find the historical data for his site. So, my scarf, blanket, whatever, will accurately reflect the temperatures very near me.

I went through today and wrote down all of this year’s temperatures through yesterday. It was interesting to see that since January 1st, we haven’t had one day that had a high temp that was in the teens or 20s. And though we are fairly sure that we reached triple digits a couple of times, we actually haven’t yet.

I tentatively plan on crocheting – rather than knitting – this project. I haven’t decided which stitch I’ll use. And I haven’t entirely decided that I’m going to crochet it, either. The bad thing about using crochet is that the thing will be very long. One gal crocheted a scarf – in SC I do believe – and it came out over 11-feet long! I’ve seen others split the project in half, because it was just going to be way too long to use. In the sky scarf, she is knitting and those stitches are smaller than crochet.

Maybe I’ll go ahead and make two scarves, in SC. I can give one to my hunny and I’ll wear the other. They’ll be different enough that they won’t match, but they’ll be similar enough that they’ll obviously go together. Hmm… Yes… I think that’s a good idea!

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