Injury, Illness and Productivity…

Well, it’s been over a month and I figured I’d better post something…

My dad got the island shell finished and we got it into the kitchen. Here’s a picture. Please excuse the mess, we don’t have anyplace to put anything at the moment.

Island Shell

You may be able to tell, we added another cabinet on the end (the left side of picture). It just wasn’t quite long enough. It is now 10-feet long.

One evening, right after my last blog post as a matter of fact, we decided to put it in its permanent spot on the floor. I was on the left end, walking backwards. Sweetie said that was a good spot and so I let the cabinet drop. It landed on the big toe of my right foot!

I’m still not convinced that the toe hadn’t been fractured. I couldn’t walk for several days and only this past week and a half have I been able to wear something on my feet other than my snow boots.

I thought I was going to lose the nail on that toe, but I haven’t yet. Thank goodness! The thought of that just really gives me shivers!

The week I was home with my toe, sweetie came down with the flu. He promptly gave it to me and then he developed pneumonia. I developed a serious sinus infection and ear infection and have been off work ever since. My boss won’t let me come back until my symptoms are gone. So, basically, I’ve been off work for a month. This is seriously painful for the bank account! I went to the doctor about two weeks ago and he gave me antibiotics. They didn’t work. I go back again on Tuesday. That too hurts the bank account, because I don’t have insurance.

Well, one positive thing about being off work and not feeling like doing much is that I have plenty of time to play with yarn!

I finished up the afghan that I started months ago…

The afghan block is called Arches and it is available here.

Dark Square

Light Square

Complete Afghan

It’s the perfect size for me to use on the couch. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures that show the size, but after putting it through the washer and dryer to block, the squares are 10 inches. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the colorways Buff and Cafe Latte. It is soft, squishy and oh-so comfy! Acrylic yarn really has come a long way since I first learned to crochet in the 80’s!

Next up, I made this shrug… I needed a cover-up to wear over tank tops at work (tanks aren’t allowed to be uncovered) and I was tired of wearing the same old, plain cardigans. I designed this simple shrug myself. The only pattern I used was this stitch pattern: My Picot #2049.

FoF Back

Starting chain 99 + 1 (tripled pattern horizontally). Repeated 13-row stitch pattern 3 times to create large rectangle. Single-crochet border around raw edges. Sewed 20 stitches up sleeve. After sewing it up, I did 3 more single crochet rounds around the cuffs and edge. Hand washed, dried in dryer. It took me about 10 hours to finish this project. I used Red Heart Super Saver acrylic yarn in White. Again, it washed up nice and soft.

And my most recent project comes from a booklet that I inherited from my mother in law. It’s the Coats & Clark Pineapple Doily A-1067. This can be found in the Learn to Crochet booklet.

Doily A-1067

This is my first pineapple project. It took me about three days to finish.

Well, that’s about it for now!

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