Another Cowl and Other Things

So, I made another cowl. Big surprise there, eh? I don’t know why I’ve been in such a cowl-making mood…

Avery Cowl

It is crocheted with Red Heart Soft yarn in the Turquoise colorway.

Avery Cowl 4

I just love that yarn. The color is lovely and it is wonderfully soft, if a bit splitty to work with.

Avery Cowl 3

The pattern can be found here. I changed the pattern in that rather than making another chain to work into for the second half of the pattern, I just used the foundation chain. This allowed me to not have a visible line bisecting the main flowers.

I made the small version of this cowl and it is a bit too long for my tastes. But, it is very pretty and I’ll wear it when warmth isn’t the goal.

The kitchen re-do is coming along nicely. My father finished the island shell and it is in the house. Next weekend we will be facing it with the blue and buggy and then it will be on to the top! We found a gas cookstove (as opposed to a range that includes both the cookstove and an oven – this is just the stovetop portion) that we are going to install after we get the tile laid. We decided that we would prefer gas to cook with and are going to get a big propane tank for it. We may need to convert it from gas to propane, but I doubt it. Natural gas is very rare in our area and we got the stove – used – from our local ReStore.

I finally got around to starting to process last spring’s fleeces. Well… I made a mistake and they felted. I was pretty upset. Sweetie told me that next time, I’m sending them out for processing.  *sigh*  At least I tried.

One thought on “Another Cowl and Other Things

  1. Suzanne says:

    I love your lacework! I first noticed it on Raverly in the Crochet group (my username is suzknittspinner), and I really love the lace in this cowl, too. The color of blue/green is really lovely, too.


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