12-Stitch Argyle Machine Knitting Punch Card Pattern Chart

I will soon be the proud owner of a Studio SK-155 knitting machine. My Bond machine broke a keyplate and it has been unusable since. So, I am investing in a metal machine. I expect to get hours of knitting enjoyment out of my new Studio.

One of the great things about the new machine is that it uses punch cards for patterning. I can’t wait to try some fair isle and punch lace.

I have started designing punch card patterns for the 12-stitch machine – so you can expect to see them here from time to time.

This is my first pattern:

12-Stitch Argyle


12st Argyle Pattern Chart


12st Argyle Pattern Chart



6 thoughts on “12-Stitch Argyle Machine Knitting Punch Card Pattern Chart

  1. ejvc says:

    Bond keyplates available from Bond America (I just bought a set) and not too expensive… also I saw a video with someone who had taped hers! I think you might be able to superglue too.

    Great pattern, thanks.


  2. Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m glad you like the pattern!

    One of the tabs snapped off the keyplate. Tape would not have been able to hold it and super glue didn’t work. And it sucked, because it was my #4 keyplate, the only one I could get to work with worsted weight yarn (which is what I use the most). I ended up getting the USM upgrade kit.

    For some reason, after getting the new parts, it wouldn’t work anymore. I could no longer get through a whole row. I did everything I knew to do: re-leveling both directions, silicone spray, waxing, using thinner yarn, trying both carriages and all keyplates, everything. Nothing will get it working. It’s really sad, because I was sooo happy with it and I really enjoyed using it! So, after days of frustration, I boxed it up and put it away. *sigh*

    Eventually, I decided to go ahead and get another machine. One with metal parts. That way, I don’t have to worry about broken keyplates anymore. I don’t have to worry about trying to modify things to make it work. I’ll have a card reader and hopefully I won’t have all the problems that I’ve had with the Bond. I’m really excited about getting this new machine and I can’t wait to get back to the easy stockinette!


  3. Pam hogan Rambin says:

    Thanks for uploading the chart. I just happen to be looking for a punch card pattern for some socks. Enjoy your 155, it’s a great machine


  4. Knit for You Designer says:

    I also have a 12 stitch machine. I just ordered some punchcards.


  5. Alysha in KY says:

    Thanks for sharing your chart! Enjoy you’re upgrade machine. I still have my Super Bond for heavy yarns, but I’m in love with my Studio 840 electronic standard gauge. 🙂


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