WIP – Pineapple Lace Curtains

This is a sneak peek at my current work in progress. I am making curtains for my kitchen windows. Now that snow is here, we need to retain all the warmth we possibly can and bare windows let out a lot of heat.

I found a simple pineapple lace motif pattern and wanted to do the curtains in this with some sort of sheer panels as a backing. But, sweetie wants me to make solid panels instead. I see his point, solid panels provide more privacy and hold in more warmth.

I started out making simple DC panels, but I soon realized that it would take forever to complete them that way. So, I’ve switched it up with TC. Hopefully that will make it go faster. I will change up with DC, SC and some color.

I’ll use the pineapple lace to make a valance and some long side panels.

Kitchen Curtain Lace 1

This is the motif. Please excuse how messy it looks, it is unblocked.

Now, my kitchen has yellow walls and white cabinets and ceiling. It has blue accents. I thought that including some color would be nice.

Here are my messy Photoshop examples:

Kitchen Curtain Lace Kitchen Curtain Lace Blu Yell Kitchen Curtain Lace Yell Blu Blu Kitchen Curtain Lace Yell Blu Yell Kitchen Curtain Lace Yell Blu

I haven’t decided which version I want to go with. No matter which one I choose, it will mean a whole lot of non-stranded color work. That fact alone makes me think that maybe I won’t do color within the motifs. I know that I want to do some blue stripes in the panels and a blue ruffle. Perhaps I’ll just do a blue ruffle on this portion, as well.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “WIP – Pineapple Lace Curtains

  1. I love filet crochet and used to do some here and there years ago. I always wanted to make some curtains, but it just seemed so daunting, like I’d never finish. I prefer the plain white.


  2. I like to take patterns intended for thread and use worsted-weight yarn to make them. You get these lovely, lacy things that are nice and big. I’m also faster with yarn than I am with thread.


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