Sweetie had to have an injection in his spine yesterday. We had to travel to the VA hospital in Portland (about a 4-5 hour drive in one direction). I took the day off yesterday to drive him and I took today off, to help him if needed. Thankfully, he was doing okay today, so I had time to do some stuff that I needed to get done.

On our way home, we stopped at our favorite nursery and picked up some plants. Sweetie got some tomatoes, cabbage and lovage. I got one medicinal plant – Echinacea, some strawberries (everyone within a 50-mile radius from us is out of them – yes, everyone) and some flowers. It really was a lot of fun. I just love shopping for flowers!

Black Eyed Susans

I got this Black Eyed Susan vine. Those little black-eyed flowers were so charming, I couldn’t resist! I have a little metal, four-sided trellis that will be perfect for these.

DaisiesThese pretty yellow daisies caught my eye. We have several wild Shasta daisies already and I think these yellow ones will look very nice mixed in with them.

GaillardiaI think these Gaillardia are just so pretty! Such colorful, happy flowers!

Watering Can 1This watering can arrangement was a complete impulse buy. But it was so cute, I couldn’t help myself! I love geraniums and wish they would grow here. Actually, nothing in this planter will survive. But, it has holes in the bottom and everything, so I’ll be able to use it again and again.

In addition to the above, I got two rosebushes and four lavender plants. The lavender is a working plant. In addition to being somewhat medicinal, its main purpose is to draw pollinators. So, they will live near the greenhouse.

Speaking of the greenhouse… I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures.

GreenhouseIt is an old carport that has been repurposed. Sweetie took corrugated polycarbonate panels and screwed them onto lats. Then, he took those panels and secured them to the metal carport frame using U-bolts. Having the panels hung on the lats will make them easy to remove for storage, at the end of the season. Using the U-bolts gives them a sort of hinge system so they can be propped open, when the weather turns hot. This is MUCH better than the plastic sheeting he has used in years past and will last much longer.

Greenhouse 2This is the inside of the greenhouse. There are tomatoes, peppers, a watermelon and the lavender. Himself wants to get some winter squashes, beans and a pie pumpkin to put in here, too. We aren’t doing corn this year. That back wall will be a set of bat-wing doors made from the polycarb panels.

He has done a terrific job on getting it put together. It took him several days, because of his pain issues. But it really looks nice. I’m quite proud of him.

4 thoughts on “Flowers!

  1. Marigold says:

    Awesome! I was afraid all that wonderful work caused his pain! 🙂


  2. No, he already had the pain. It certainly didn’t help, but it wasn’t the cause. He was a pack mule for the US Army for too many years and it destroyed his body – especially his spine. Add a “mission first” work ethic to the fact that he’s an Aries, and, well… Let’s just say, he’s his own worst enemy. LOL


  3. Hey there! I just nominated your blog for a Liebster award. Just put up 10 random things about yourself if you’d like to play along.


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