Pieces of Eight

Yesterday, we adopted a cute little Nigerian Dwarf wether. He is five-months old and cute as can be!

Goat 1

He is so dang tiny! The Hound is nearly as tall as the tiny goat. I haven’t picked him up, so I’m not sure how much he weighs; but it can’t be much.

Goat 2

The children said that he was sneezing green snot, after we got him home. I didn’t see any snot, but I did see him sneeze. This morning, his nose seems clear and dry. We’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t have a cold or get pneumonia. He is eating and drinking just fine, and when I checked on him after getting up this morning, he was laying under the manger (on top of the fallen hay) chewing his cud. He seems to be as active as he should be. So, I’m not too worried.

Goat 3

He doesn’t have a name… You might be able to see the tag on his collar. He is number 8. I’m kind of partial to the name Moose, myself… Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Pieces of Eight

  1. He is so cute!!
    I would love to have goats.


  2. Marigold says:

    Hee Hee. First of all, YAY! He is a Nigerian and NOT an Alpine. 🙂 Second, Moose is a great name for someone who is not a Moose. 🙂 Gives him something to aspire to. 🙂 Now then, you simply must teach him the joys of Peanuts. Oh, and he needs a stump.


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