We have received about a foot of snow, over the last two days… This makes it difficult to do much of anything that requires going in and out of the house.

One set of steps is non-existent and the other is covered with a ramp at the moment. So, on one side of the house we are going up and down a step stool and on the other is an ice slick. Ugh.

My niece’s boyfriend has been quite a trooper, running back and forth between the house and the barn to get more boxes for us to unpack. There were a few instances where we were pretty concerned that he would fall and hurt himself.

My sweetie managed to step into the space between the ramp and the porch (did I mention that neither segues are quite connected to the house?). Thankfully, his foot hit a brick that supports the steps beneath the ramp and didn’t go all the way down.

I really didn’t do much about the house today. I spent a few hours shoveling a couple of paths to the goat pens. I don’t like getting snow into my boots and I reckon no one else does either. So, I like to make sure that our paths are clear.

In addition to trailblazing, I was on a frantic hunt for one of our bucket heaters. Of course, we never think of putting these things where we can find them when the weather is nice… No, we wait until it snows 10 inches and then try to remember where they were when they got buried. Never did find it, but my niece found one of our heated buckets, thankfully!

We really need to get the boys moved over to the pen with the girls. It’s closer to the house and gate – better proximity for feeding, visiting, etc.

I’m concerned about Frank. When Ray got pneumonia, Frank started becoming very aggressive and downright mean. Not to people, but to his brother. He just beats the heck out of Ray.

We might go ahead and put Frank in with the girls, all by himself for a day or few. We did that with Ray and Thelma put him in his place, right quick! But then again, Ray isn’t the aggressive goat, Frank is. I don’t know…

But, we definitely need to get the boys down on this end of the yard, now that foul weather is upon us. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep an aggressive goat to stop being so mean???


One thought on “Snow!

  1. Marigold says:

    Poor you! Snow. Oy. Ella is aggressive, but not THAT aggressive. Sounds like solitary confinement might be the only option. Maybe he has Alpine genes. 🙂 Hope you have melted some!


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