Kitchen Before and After!

Hi All!

Well, we started working on the kitchen and I finally got my pictures uploaded from my camera!

Sweetie is planning to spray orange peel texture on the walls, so my little “love note” will be covered. But, we will always know that it’s there.

I apologize in advance for the funky angles of these pictures… It’s a small kitchen and in order to photograph large areas, I often have to stand off to the side.

Ugly brick before:

Not terrible brick after two coats of masonry sealant:

Note the pink edges on the white brick in the top photo… That is some of the brick color bleeding through. Bleeding through TWO coats of masonry sealer! Well, we touched those areas up with TWO coats of primer and it finally stopped coming through.

Ugly cabinetry before (The person working above the window is my niece. She has been a huge help with this project):

Decent cabinetry after two coats of primer:

First layer of ugly wallpaper:

Bottom layer of ugly wallpaper (Not as bad as the paper we removed, especially with the white cabinets):

Now, as I’ve said before… Sweetie is going to spray orange peel texture on all of the walls (except the brick). The walls and brick are going to be painted yellow and the cabinets are going to be painted white.

Unfortunately, we ran out of money, so paint is not in the budget right now. Thankfully, the bottom layer of wallpaper (which will not be removed) doesn’t seem quite as hideous as it did with the brown wood cabinets.

The cats and dog LOVE having a much bigger (more than twice the size of our former abode) place to run and play!

The big furniture pieces have been placed, so we are able to live in the new house. It has been such a huge improvement over being in the motorhome!

I haven’t been doing any crafty stuff, as the house has been taking all my time and energy. But, I have some projects in mind that will include some things crocheted.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Before and After!

  1. What a lot of work! It is looking so good. My kitchen needs updating as well, but it seems such a big undertaking I keep putting it off. Maybe you will inspire me–


  2. Marigold says:

    Oh, wow! Things are coming along! Yellow and white will be SO cheerful!!! What you’ve done so far is awesome!!!!!!


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