Whew! I know it’s been a REALLY long time since I last posted… So much is going on around here – all house-related.

The dog, five cats, sweetie and myself have been staying in our small (27-foot) motorhome, since they pulled our old house out of here. I’d say we’ve been camping in our own yard for a week and a half, now…

My niece and her boyfriend are camping in luxury, in our Airstream. Since they’ve been staying in that trailer since they moved in, we decided not to kick them to the smaller quarters of the motorhome.

But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! They delivered our new home today!!! It’s currently sitting on our pad in two sections. Tomorrow, the crew will be here to put the pieces back together!

The next step in the process will be getting all of the utilities hooked back up. This is going to take some working out on my hunny’s part… Nothing on the new double-wide matches up with where things were on the old single-wide. So, he will have to run some pipe, wire and cable to get us livable. He thinks it will take him a week to complete. After that, we get to bring in our stuff!

The timing on this delivery couldn’t be better… We’ve had snow for two days and expect more tomorrow. Now that cold, wet weather is here, we really need to be out of these RVs!

Please pray for sunshine and warm temps to hit Central Oregon!

2 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Marigold says:

    Goat Greif! Snow already????? Oy. Hope you got the house together and are busily moving in as we speak!


  2. Snow already. Not completely unheard of, in our neck of the woods; but certainly sooner than we’d hoped. We were expecting snow today, but it never fell, thank goodness!

    Not quite moving in, yet… Sweetie expects electricity to be hooked up, tomorrow. However, last evening and this, we have been able to burn a fire in the woodstove!!! SOOO much better than huddling around the burn barrel! We dragged a few patio chairs in and it is so much more comfortable than fighting the frigid winds that we’ve had of late.


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