All Better!

Roughly last Tuesday, Ray got sick… Ray is my little gray goat, in case you’re wondering…

Anyhoo, we thought maybe he had bloat. He wasn’t eating (oh, he’d pretend to eat by taking one piece of hay and chewing on it, but I knew better.) He was lethargic (completely opposite of his normal playful self) and he wouldn’t let us near him (again, a complete reversal from his typical, lapgoat personality.)

We didn’t recognize that something was really wrong for a couple of days, so we didn’t try to treat him for it. Finally, on Thursday, we decided that he wasn’t getting over it (whatever “it” was) and that’s when we guessed bloat. His tummy wasn’t as big as I’d expect, but we figured we’d go ahead and treat him for it, regardless.

Thursday night, we force-fed him some olive oil with baking soda mixed into it. We probably managed to get a whole three tablespoons into him (we didn’t have a drenching syringe, just a tiny child’s medicine syringe.) For someone who wasn’t feeling well, he could still run and jump to evade us! We also set some baking soda in his house for free-feed. It seemed to help a little tiny bit, but not enough, so the next day we got him some Therabloat. That really seemed to help a lot.

He seemed to want to eat, but at the same time, he seemed to be having trouble eating. Then we noticed that he was sneezing out large volumes of snot. My friend who is very knowledgeable about animals suggested it may just be an upper respiratory thing. But, each time he sneezed, it seemed that more and more mucous was flying out of him.

We decided that it was probably pneumonia. The shearer had been out and of course, the day after everyone was shorn, we had a cold snap (that’s still with us!) So, my animals are naked and chilly. Pneumonia made sense. So, we got some penicillin and my sweetie treated him twice a day – religiously – for five days. That did the trick! Whatever he had, is now gone and he’s back to his old self again.

Some things of note…

At the beginning of the week we had another goat here – we were goat-sitting, if you will. I’m not sure what type of goat Booger is, but he’s a lot bigger than my boys (LaMancha or Nubian?) Anyhoo, he played rough and essentially ruled the roost. That was a stressor. Then a few days later, the shearing. Right after the shearing, a wet, cold snap. The poor llama has been shivering ever since!

I think the stress of the other goat, combined with being wet and cold (goats and chills aren’t a good combination!) was all it took to make him sick.

But, he’s all better now and we have a supply of vaccines and medicines on-hand for next time – and a drenching syringe!

I really have to give kudos to my hunny… Since ALL of this stuff was happening during the week, he had to deal with it pretty much on his own. I was at work and only home in the evening. He was the one running back and forth to the feed store to pick up medications and supplies, asking for advice and then acting on it. He did a great job of taking care of my sweet Ray and I’m truly grateful! He saved his life.

In other animal news…

The llama thinks that stealing her coat was a dirty trick and particularly mean considering that it’s now back to early spring weather.

The horse is on a diet (she went from starving to death, skin and bones, to being overweight!) and she is not happy about it. She knows that her grain and hay rations have been cut and she protests whenever she thinks we’re listening.

The pigs are still alive. They were scheduled for slaughter, but there was a miscommunication regarding the day, so it hasn’t happened yet.

We have plotted out the new horse/goat/llama pen area and are preparing to build the fence. It will be about twice as much room as they have now and it has convenient things like a spigot. It’s a little farther from the house than their current pen, but I suppose they’ll be fine. James is going to put in a driveway for me, so that I can look at them as I drive in (like I do now,) I’ll like that.

The Hound is doing well. He’s currently curled up in a ball, sleeping on top of a down blanket.

One thought on “All Better!

  1. Hello–
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog from time to time. My life is so different from yours (semi-urban American), that I love to read what goes on in with you and your place. It’s like a little world I would like to inhabit myself one day but will not get the chance. Cheers!


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