Returning to Normal

This week, things on the homestead have begun to return to normal. Sweetie is feeling MUCH better and is pretty much back on track. Thank the Gods! I know it seems trivial, but I really enjoy that extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning.

Sunday, we got a new addition to the zoo… A llama (pictures this weekend)! I’ve been wanting one for a long time (since we got the goats). We got her from the same gal that we got the horse from. Her name is Dolly Llama – and no, I didn’t name her. I thought about changing her name, but she does react to it, so I think not.

She’s about two-years old. Her basic color is black, but her long hair is brown – basically, she has the same coloring as Frank. She does have long hair, so I will be able to get some lovely fiber from her. Well, I assume it will be nice. She’s terribly felted, right now and in desperate need of shearing. This will be her first time. I don’t know when I’ll be able to make it happen. From what I understand, they fight for their lives, for the first 10-15 minutes of being shorn and then they calm down. I really do think we need to make it happen, before summer gets full-blown, though.

She is very shy and quite skittish, but not aggressive in the slightest. When I walked her down to our place, she didn’t spit once. She drooled an awful lot and it was yellowish-green, so she wanted to spit, but she never did. I’m not even thinking about touching her, for the time being. She’s never been handled and I don’t want to stress her more than she already is (and I know that spit happens, I just REALLY don’t want to be spat at.) So, I’ve just been hanging out in the pen, with a good distance between us, and hand-feeding her as much as possible. She will actually take a couple of bites of grain from my hand; and she’ll readily eat from the scoop when I’m holding it. I think that’s a great start!

Dolly gets along great with the goats, but not so much with the horse. She is quite intimidated by Dizzy and runs to the opposite side of the yard, whenever she sees her heading her way. And I think Diz knows that she’s afraid and kind of exploits it. Yet another stressor for the llama. So, hunny has been removing the horse from the pen in the mornings, to allow the llama to calm down and relax in her new home. I think it’s helping.

I’ve finally been able to start on shearing the goats – and Dolly watched with much interest, by the way… Their fur was just too matted to be able to salvage, but underneath… Oh my goodness! So soft and cuddly! I’ve done them twice this week and took off about 75% of the length. They are much better, but they still need more work.

Amazingly, the boys are LETTING ME DO IT!!! I don’t know if you remember me describing the difficulty that I had last year; but this year, I’m the one who gets tired of the job and has to stop! They stand right there, perfect little angels, letting me trim away. I think I’m going to go ahead and pick up some electric clippers. The dagging shears are just too painful for me to use.

In other news…

Work has been incredibly stressful this week. People are quitting because of all the unpleasant changes that have been taking place. I’m seriously considering leaving, myself. But, all of us temps will probably be out of a job come July anyway; so I might not. Haven’t decided.

School is going well, but I think I need to see if I can get another extension. I really don’t think I’m going to be finished by mid-June.

I haven’t done any crafting at all, this week. My time has been spent either out with the critters or reading about llamas. By the way, if you know of a good website or book where I can get information regarding training shy and fearful llamas, I would be most appreciative for the info. I am having a really hard time finding anything!

Pictures this weekend!

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