It has been a seriously busy week, for me.

Mom, you know I don’t like the camera!

Sweetie was really ill last weekend – spiking high fevers. On Monday, he went to the emergency room and was admitted with a pretty bad case of pneumonia. He was there until Wednesday.

Since James wasn’t able to help out around here, I had to do everything by myself. Whew! This little mini-farm doesn’t run very easily with only two hands to do everything!

But, my hunny is home now and feeling MUCH better! Today, I let him get off the couch and am allowing him to be as active as he feels he can be. I’m making him check himself though. We don’t want a relapse!

Though I don’t want him to do too much, his activity has been reassuring for me. It tells me that he is on the mend and I’m finally starting to relax a little.

Oh, you’ll give me candy if I let you take my picture?

In other news…

I still haven’t shorn the goats. They’re starting to felt. This year’s fiber crop may end up as useless as last year’s. Ugh.

MMMM… I like candy…

In the meantime, the cleaning bug has bitten me. I’ve been organizing, purging, rearranging. I’m in nesting mode, big time. I don’t know if it’s the warm weather we’re experiencing right now, or the relief that James is feeling so much better. But, I have a lot of energy today.  🙂

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