Another Practice Sock Down!


I have for you another practice sock ta-dah!

I used the same yarn (white, acrylic baby yarn) and needles (size 6) as my first (and frogged second) practice socks.

Please excuse my dark photos. It was nighttime when I shot the pictures. I attempted (poorly, you have my apologies) to adjust the colors in Photoshop.

This is a shot of the cuff. It’s just a few rows of K2 P2 ribbing.

The heel was done in the Eye of the Partridge pattern. It’s hard to see in this picture, but it has raised diamond shapes.

And here is a shot of the entire sock.

I have made my calculations and re-written my pattern to suit my next pair of socks. I have cast on and finished the toe (am on to the foot!) of my REAL socks.

I’m using a size-1 yarn and size-0 needles. I want the fabric to be a lot more dense than these practice socks have been. The stitches are teeny-tiny and I feel like I’m knitting with toothpicks, but it is coming along great (albeit slow because the stitches are so small). I think they are going to be quite comfy, indeed!

It’s too dark to try to take pictures of my progress; it’s a dark-colored yarn and I know my photos won’t do it justice. I may be able to get some shots soon, though! To be continued!

In other news… I have finished the textbook portion of school and am on to the externship portion! These first few units are review, which is great because I need it. But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! I’m almost finished! YEE-HAW!!!

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