Meh… Another Practice Sock.

In my last post, I told you about the baby sock that I knitted. That was a great success. I decided to take the next step toward my goal and try my hand at making an adult-sized sock, toe-up.

I learned Judy’s Magic Cast-On (love it!) – terrific video here – chose The Knitting Swede’s Rounded Toe, and proceeded to use Silver’s Sock Class to make the sock.

Silver’s tutorial is for two-at-a-time, but I just followed instructions for one. I must say, this is a VERY GOOD tutorial and I highly recommend it.

I found that I am just not too fond of the heel. Silver gives instruction for a short-row heel and I really think I prefer the heel flap. I got to the cuff, knitted a few rounds and then cut the yarn.

I then began my quest for a toe-up pattern that includes a heel flap. Last night, I found a pattern called Mash Up Magic Loop Toe Up Socks, by Zhenya Lavy.

This pattern has all of the components that I’m looking for: toe-up, worked using magic loop and it has a gusset and heel flap. After downloading the pattern, I noticed that really it is more of a recipe… You take measurements, swatch, put numbers in blanks, do a little simple math and voila, you end up with the perfect sock!

I find the numbers and calculations to be very comforting. If you have the foot available for measurement, you will get a sock that fits perfectly. She also gives numbers as estimates, if you don’t have the person’s measurements.

I’m excited to be able to get started on these socks and I have a feeling that it will be my go-to pattern. Also, I visited her blog and she actually has a workshop for this pattern. Step-by-step, with pictures, well-written! Until I get the how-to burned into my memory, I’m sure I’ll be visiting her site, often!

Because I was unhappy with my latest iteration of the mighty sock, I did not take pictures. But rest assured, when I finish with my next (hopefully my last!) practice sock, I’ll post some pictures.

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