There hasn’t been much going on around here, though I do have a few things to report…

I passed my CPT coding course and am now on to my next course: Healthcare Reimbursement Methods. Once I finish this course, I’m on to my externship! After I correctly code 12 medical records (in my externship), I will be a graduate! Yay!

We’ve had some snow, around these parts. My sweetie says we’re sitting at about 2 feet of the stuff, on the ground right now; much of which has fallen in the last couple of days. It’s been bitter cold and windy. Thankfully, the next few days are supposed to be sunny and warmer. I am so ready for spring!

Have you ever heard of Irlen Syndrome? Yeah, me either… Yesterday, I was visiting my favorite tatting forum: Needle Tatting and one of our regulars linked to a post on a tatting blog: Tatted Treasures. When I visited, her post was discussing her battle with Irlen Syndrome. When she was describing her symptoms, I identified with enough of them that I thought I’d take the self test. It can be found on the Irlen Institute website. I was quite surprised at the results of my self testing and have scheduled an appointment with a diagnostician. This could be the key to many (if not all) of my issues with light. I’m very excited at the prospect of relief and so thankful that I found Heather’s blog!

Work has been okay. We just found out that our department is merging with another. This doesn’t normally bode well for “contract” employees. I’m a bit nervous that I’m soon to be unemployed again. And though I work for the Evil Empire, I hope they offer me a permanent position. It’s a good job, pays well, decent hours. It would be nice if it wasn’t 35 miles away from my house, but we can’t have everything, I guess.

The goats are doing well. They’re spending more time in their house – understandable when it’s 15 degrees (Fahrenheit) and wet outside.

I don’t recall if I mentioned this in my last post, or not… But, we harvested one of our pigs. She was 230 pounds hanging weight. Well, it’s been almost a month and hunny went and picked her up today! Mmmm… We’re going to be eating good! No more rationing the meat! Yay!

Dizzy (the horse) is doing well. She’s gaining both weight and spirit, every day. We put her blanket back on, because of the cold. The first night, she managed to take it off; but other than that, it’s stayed on.

Well, I guess that’s all folks! I hope you have a good night!

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