Goats and… Afghans!


I wanted to show you some pictures of my boys’ coats. As usual, Frank was uncooperative.

Here you see Frank:

Not a very good picture… But, of him, they never are. At least you can see his coloring. He has a lovely reddish-brown wool.

And here is Ray:

He doesn’t have to be tricked into looking toward the camera.

See the wooden thing Ray is standing behind? That’s their manger… The naughty boys have got into the habit of knocking it over. We picked it up and tied it to the fence. Hopefully it won’t be so easy to knock over… Well, not until they chew through the rope, anyway.

And afghans!

As I’ve been promising you, some shots of the work in progress… This is the afghan that I’ve been working on for quite a while (and have not worked on in quite a while). It is based on the pattern for the African Flower potholders that I made a while back.

The pattern is the same as the potholders (minus a couple of rows) but the yarn is not.

I’m using Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn” in the colors Pink and Brown. Yes, that’s their names.

It’s an acrylic yarn; but it’s super soft! It isn’t “squeaky” like some acrylic yarn can be. Plus, you can’t really beat acrylic for clean, bright coloring and color-fastness. It’s also very durable. And for people who are allergic to many natural fibers, it means itch-free warmth. I think it’s going to make a comfy afghan.

The first photo doesn’t quite show all of the hexagons, but almost. All that I have done, up to this point, has taken a few yards less than one skein of each color. I now have five skeins of each color left… No, I’m not going to make it THAT big. As it is, it nearly covers my legs. I’m not sure how big I’m going to make it, but I intend to use it on the couch. So, probably no bigger than a large throw blanket.

This has been a bit time consuming; it takes me about 45 minutes to do one hex. I’m using the join-as-you-go method of putting them together. Yay! No sewing! I’m doing them in groups of three: three hexes that start with brown all put together, and three hexes that start with pink all put together. And I’m trying to avoid large runs of one type of hex… Easier said than done…

Well, that’s all for today! We need to go get feed for the horse and pigs. Stay warm!

2 thoughts on “Goats and… Afghans!

  1. Frank is quite curly! What kind of goat is he? And Ray has the look that most of us here get when we have managed to do something we think is just awesome, but the Goatmother just doesn’t see it. Your afghan is stunning! Good for you joining as you go! That is the worst part – sewing it all together.


    • Frank and Ray are brothers who are Nigora wethers. Well… They are F1 Grade Nigora. Their mother is half Nigerian Dwarf and half pygmy and their father is full Angora. So the boys aren’t true Nigerian, because of the Pygmy, but are what is called Grade Nigora. Because of the Angora, they produce beautiful fiber and I can’t wait to try spinning it, this summer.

      Thank you for the compliments on my afghan in progress! I have definitely converted to join-as-you-go… SOOO much easier!


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