I see that it has been a week since I last posted… I figured I’d better get with it!

It has been a looooong week, despite being a short week. I had Monday off from work; but man, I don’t feel it at all! Our workload has been much larger than expected. TGIF!

On the homefront, we had a quiet New Years. I stayed up just long enough after midnight to text my only child on the West Coast an enthusiastic “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and then I dragged myself to bed. The other two (one in Florida and one in Maine) I sent a text at 9:00. I’m sure glad none of them are in Hawaii or Alaska!

I’ve done no crafts in the last… However long it’s been… Feels like weeks… No crochet, no knitting, no tatting, no spinning, no dyeing… Nothing. Too tired. Maybe I’ll get around to doing something this weekend…

On New Year’s Day I managed to take a couple of photographs of sparkly snow. The camera didn’t quite capture what I saw, but they’re okay. Click on the pictures to make them bigger, so you can see the colors:

I just love it when the snow looks like thousands of tiny diamonds, glittering in the sun…

The snow had been melting off, all week. And then we got some today. Maybe I’ll be able to get some more pictures!

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