Happy New Year!

Hi, thanks for visiting!

I know it’s been quiet here, lately… My Beloved Laptop died… So, I’ve been in mourning… And in laptop withdrawal. The screen on my cell phone is just too small to be effective for the internet…

Thankfully, I was able to get another laptop yesterday. But, I spent about 11 hours last night dealing with this thing… It was loaded with Vista, but the updates wouldn’t install, because the version of Internet Explorer was newer than the Vista… I’ve used Vista, but I’m not terribly fluent. I couldn’t figure out how to remove the IE. I decided that I needed to get rid of the Vista…

I have a couple of options for Windows… I have my old Windows 98 and the XP upgrade; and I have the full version of XP.

First, I tried installing (twice) the full version. Evidently something happened to the disk, because it couldn’t install SEVERAL files.

Next, I installed 98 – errors there too, but it loaded enough of the program so that the upgrade would recognize it. As I was in the middle of installing the millions of updates, the blasted thing said I was out of memory! It’s a 120GB hard-drive… Out of memory!?! Yep, sure thing, it absolutely was… I did something wrong during the formatting and evidently didn’t remove a partition or something.

So, back to installing the corrupt 98 again… Reformatting PROPERLY this time! Then putting the upgrade on… Then getting the millions of Windows updates…

By 3am I had my computer connected to my network, installed Windows, my ancient version of Office, anti-virus and a firewall. Then I crashed… Just couldn’t keep my eyes open (or think!) anymore.

This morning I was able to finish loading everything up and setting everything the way I want it. Whew!!!

Now, I’m just getting used to a slightly different keyboard. It’s a decent little machine… A bit beat-up. Some scratches and dings, but nothing major.

So, new year, new (to me) computer!


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