New Addition

Please excuse the crappy phone photo…

This is Desiree. We adopted/rescued her a week ago Sunday. We had no intention of getting a horse, but a neighbor found herself in a bad way financially, and asked if we could take her. Who can turn away an animal that needs a home? Yeah, we’re suckers… For sure…

You can’t see how skinny she is, because of her blanket. But, without the blanket, you can definitely see her ribs. She’s not as bad as she could be, though, thankfully. We have a knowledgeable friend that came and looked at her. According to our friend, she is about 75-pounds underweight, is very wormy and could possibly be pregnant. She said her teeth look good, as do her feet. The gal we got her from said that the horse was in her 20s; however, my friend tells me, not so. She said that she would put her at under 10-years old.

We haven’t decided if we’re keeping her, for sure, or not. Certainly, we will keep her until she is well and healthy, having gained back her weight and after giving birth (if she is indeed pregnant). Since neither James nor I are riders, if we do keep her (which we are leaning towards), she will end up being a pack animal and draft horse.

The goats have finally warmed up to her and no longer flee when she looks in their direction. Compared to her, they are so small; I’m surprised she doesn’t step on them! But, she’s very sweet, with a great temperament. She will allow a person to do pretty much anything to her. She’s very calm and mellow.

She has started coming to visit us, whenever we go through the gate. James says this is because she wants something more to eat. I think it’s because she wants to say hello…

P.S. I know I still owe you pictures of the afghan in progress. Photos have not been taken, but I haven’t forgotten about it.

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