I just realized that I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks! Sorry about that!

I’ve been crocheting an afghan. I’m using the African Flower Mandala Potholder design, minus the last two rounds . The yarn I’ve chosen is Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn!” in Pink and Brown. I bought six skeins of each color to use for another afghan project, but I decided to do this instead.

I really do like this yarn. It’s acrylic; and aside from the baby yarns, it is the softest acrylic yarn I’ve ever used! It glides over the hook smoothly and it doesn’t have the “squeak” of many acrylics.

It is being worked in clusters of three hexagons each; one set begun using the pink and the other begun using the brown (colors being alternated). It’s working up nicely and if I use all the yarn, it will be quite large. I’ve almost finished using one skein of each color and it’s already nearly long enough to cover my legs!

I initially began this as a selfish project; I was going to keep it for myself. But, I started thinking about it and I may give it to the little elderly lady that we take care of… Or I may keep it… Or I may use half the yarn to make one to give away and use the other half to make one to keep… I haven’t decided.

No pictures have been taken, because it isn’t finished yet. I may take some photos tomorrow, because I know this thing won’t be done for a while and I don’t want to keep you waiting.

To be continued…

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