Another Baby Blanket!

My cousin saw my handiwork on Facebook and asked me to make some stuff for her. It’s another baby blanket and some of the African Flower Mandala potholders. So much yarny funness!

I had decided on the Star Blanket, but the pattern seemed… wonky… That or it was just me (which is more than likely the case). Because it just wasn’t working, I decided to find another pattern.

The yarn I’ve chosen, Bernat’s Baby Blanket, won’t work with just any pattern. It is super thick and needs a pattern that isn’t simply highlighted by lovely stitches. You can’t see the stitches, with this squishy yarn. So, I had to find a suitable pattern.

After auditioning several patterns, including my own design, I finally settled on the Merry-Go-Round blanket. It’s a good thing too; I was starting to think that I wasn’t going to be able to use this yarn for anything at all! I’m making the blanket with two colors: White and something called Peachy (it’s a pink and orange variegated). I’m currently in the middle of round six, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is working up perfectly.

This Baby Blanket yarn is kind of hard to work with. It’s really thick and kind of stretchy, so your hands really get quite a workout. But, because it’s so fat, it’s working up quick. This is always a good thing!

I’m deviating from the stripe pattern, in that I’m making some stripes wider and some more narrow. There is not enough white in the pattern, for what I have. So, I’m doing two white rounds and one variegated round. I may use more of the pink, in later rounds; but for now, this seems to be working. I also don’t want to have too many of the pink rounds, because of the fact that it is a variegated yarn and will look too busy. I like having big blocks of white, to make the colored yarns “pop”.

I’ve finished three of the potholders, so far. It is a fun pattern that I can finish, from start to edging, in just a few hours. It’s called the African Flower Mandala Potholder. I’ve made several of these and just love the pattern! I still have some cotton yarn left and should be able to get at least one more out of it. I might get two or three more, if I make them really colorful.

The last time I made these potholders, I ordered the yarn online. This time, I went to Walmart and I must say, I was quite disappointed with their selection (or lack thereof). I really expected them to have better choices. But, they didn’t have the Sugar’n Cream, just the Peaches’n Cream; that could be the problem. But, I grabbed several colors and proceeded to spend the next two evenings and one afternoon having fun with the hook.

I definitely knew that I wanted to make one of the red and orange, because I just love that color combo. But, after that, I came up with some combinations (using more than two colors) that I felt were quite inspired. One of them I love so much, I considered keeping it! But, I won’t do that… I bought the yarn for her, so I need to give it to her. I’ll just make myself another one (or two or three)!

Well, I’m off to work on the baby blanket… Look for pictures of the blanket and potholders, this weekend. I don’t have adequate (or quality) light when I’m home these days – except on the weekends. See you then!


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