Bad Haircut!!!

I officially hate my local hairstylist… I was so upset when I left her salon that I totally forgot to run the errands that I needed to run. I flew straight home and proceeded to wet and blow-dry my hair, to try and fix what she did. It looks better than when I left, but I’m still not happy…

I asked for Melissa Steadman, from thirtysomething:


And I kind of got Samantha Carter, from Stargate:

However, it’s actually a bit shorter than Carter’s (I don’t have those nice bangs – mine only come halfway down my forehead). Also, my hair isn’t straight; it’s curly and frizzy.

I even showed her the picture of Melissa, that you see above.

She got the back and the bottom (below the ears) correct. But she seemed to go off course, when handling the top. I wanted the top to be long, at least to the top of my ears, with some chunky layers for texture… It has about four inches to go…

“When it grows in it will be perfect!” she said; as I silently seethed… Yes, when it grows in… IN ABOUT SIX MONTHS!!!

Thankfully, I was able to make it look (a little bit) better than she did. Her styling was just… Bad… All bad… She had it parted in the middle and all fluffy on top. I looked not too unlike Alice, from The Brady Bunch (imagine the sides a wee little bit longer):

I’m really hoping that with lots of product and blow-drying, I’ll be able to get it to look more like Carter’s than what I have now. I see lots of gel in my future…

The worst part is, I blame myself. She cut my hair once before, and I hated it then, too. I was going for an A-line, below the chin in front and jacked up super-high in back. Well, the front ended up being much shorter than I expected. MUCH SHORTER. I thought, well, maybe I just didn’t explain it correctly… And curly hair can be hard to get right, because it shrinks when it dries. This time, I showed her a freaking picture and she still screwed it up! I’m never going to her again… I think I’d have better luck at Supercuts. I think she just cuts too many elderly ladies’ hair.

Okay, I’m off to have a little cry now…

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