Time to Breathe

My sweetie talked with our friend (the one who’s having a grandbaby soon) and come to find out, the baby isn’t due until tomorrow! Yay! I have been given at least another week to finish the blanket! I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow. I’ve made good progress; I only have two more squares to make, then I get to start on the border! It’s not as big as I was hoping… But, I know that it will get bigger after I run it through the washer and dryer. If it turns out that it isn’t big enough… I’ll have a little cry and then I’ll go buy that super-bulky yarn that I used for the last blanket I made. I know that will work up real quick.

I was so focused on getting the blanket finished that I ended up not doing school. But, I got my hair colored and my nails painted! I even made dinner! So, I haven’t been a total slug…

Oh and of course… As soon as I got three of my fingernails painted, hunny comes through the door: “I need you out here NOW! The goats got out!” Thankfully, they found a box of apples in the yard and that had their undivided attention… We were able to get their leads on and take them back to their pen. We aren’t quite sure how they got out… We think they may have pushed the gate open just enough to squeeze through. With the exception of them being able to get to things like grain and other foodstuffs, getting out of their pen isn’t that big of a deal. The entire yard is fenced and electrified. Our main concern (and the reason why they only have run of half the yard) is the hound. When he’s out there with them, he is in danger. They don’t like him much and we don’t want him to get hurt. But, everyone is back where they should be. For now.

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