Not a lot happening in my world…

I started the second half of my course (it’s a two-parter) and I think this entire course (or at least the vast majority of it) is dedicated to the Surgery section of the CPT manual. It’s just… Wow… A challenge… To say the least! Getting through this first unit took me about 5 hours. By the end of the chapter, I had a headache. Thankfully, quizzes can be retaken!

Most of the rest of my day has been spent crocheting the baby blanket. I’m halfway finished with the blocks! Yay! Unfortunately, the baby was due YESTERDAY! EEK! I’m working on borrowed time, now… It’s slow going, but there’s definite progress.

Aside from school and the blanket, I did some (very light) housekeeping and that’s about it. Kind of a blah day. Hope yours was great!


2 thoughts on “Nottawholelotta…

  1. Your crochet medallion is lovely! I think pink and brown are a lovely combination. Every time I look at your photo of the hound, he makes me laugh! Vanessa xxx


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