A Bit of a Relapse…

Well, today I’ve had a bit of a relapse on my cold/flu/whatever… The headache and sinus issues have returned; though thankfully, the nausea has not.

Despite not feeling so hot, I’ve been making progress on the granny square baby blanket. I am fashioning four small squares into one larger square and then putting a border around it. I expect the finished blanket to have a total of 12 larger squares (3 x 4). I have two of the larger squares finished and have two rounds (out of three) on the smaller squares for the next block finished. Once the larger blocks are all put together, I’ll put a border around the whole thing and call it good! I’ve been given a bit more time… My friend will be staying in town for a week beyond the baby’s birth. So, I have a few more days than I first thought!

Other than that, all else is well, I’m happy to report!

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