The Latest!

Hi! Hello! Good evening! I just wanted to give you an update; it’s been a while since I’ve posted…

I finished the first part of a two-part course in school. Got a B on my final. I’m glad about that! I have five or six more units to go, and then I’ll be finished with this course. One more course to go and then my externship! Woo hoo!

Also, I started the baby blanket for my friend’s first grandbaby. I started the Baby Checks blanket, but the yarn I got is too thin – it’s a fingering-weight baby yarn. The pattern calls for a worsted-weight. So, the squares are coming out really small and it’s going to take a million (well, 144 actually) and they are taking me too long to make. So, I’ve decided to go with a simple (but attractive) granny square.

The yarn is very pretty; mostly blue and green, with little spots of yellow, purple and pink. I like it and I don’t think there’s too much pink (we know it’s going to be a boy). The other color I’m using is white. The white gives a nice balance to the blues and greens; and I’m alternating the colors, in the squares.

Doing the granny squares, I really don’t have to count and fiddle with math, too much. Plus, crocheting in the nice big spaces between the clusters, is much faster than having to really pay a lot of attention to which stitch you’re working in. I’m working it in triple (or treble) crochet, so it’s really working up quick. The baby is due in six days (eek!) so I gotta work quick! I’m using the join-as-you-go method of joining the squares. Yay! No sewing! This is her first child, so hopefully she’ll be a few days late and I’ll be able to get the blanket to her mom (my friend), before she gives birth!

I found a pattern for my sister’s scarf. It’s also crochet. I’m a little disappointed in myself. I really wanted to knit it, but it’s just proving too difficult. And, since I want her to have something fancier than garter stitch or stockinette, crochet it is. But, it’s a fabulous, lacy pattern! So, I think she’ll like it. And the yarn is fabulous! I got the proper-size hook and as soon as I’m done with this baby blanket, her scarf is getting done! Hopefully I don’t have any more last-minute baby blankets to make!

I had a lovely dinner with my family, last night. It was really nice to see everyone. We haven’t seen each other in a few months, so it was good. I took my camera and intended to take pictures, but it didn’t happen. Ah well, I was more concerned with chatting and catching up. I had kind of a freaky experience with another driver on the way home. I won’t go into details (all is well), but suffice it to say… Next time I think I’m going to be out driving on lonely roads at night, all by myself, I will have my little gun with me. My sweetie is in complete agreement…

Well, it’s getting late and I need to get my lunch ready for work tomorrow. I hope you have a good night (or day – depending on where you are!)

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