The Hound!

Here’s another photo of the hound. I realize that the one that I have posted, is not such a good picture.

You can see that his ears are perked. He HATES my camera. In fact, a split second after I snapped this photo, he jumped off the couch and hid in the bathroom.

Besides the fact that he is being threatened with a scary camera (which is the vacuum cleaner’s cousin, don’t ya know) he is in his favorite place. On the couch, amongst the pillows.

One thought on “The Hound!

  1. Too much gorgeousness! What a character he is! Ours don’t like the vacuum cleaner either, but fortunately they accept the camera! Such a shame the camera is related to the vacuum cleaner in your doggies eyes, because he looks like a star, and very camera worthy! Basset Hounds are fascinating, and mesmerising. Vanessa xxx


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