Quick Post!

As the sun sets, my head is hurting more and more… I think I will be getting off the computer in a few minutes…

But, I wanted to pop on and let you know that the baby blanket was a huge hit! I gave it to mama today, because I don’t think I should go to her shower on Sunday, being ill and all. Well, she LOVED it and went so far as to make sure that every single person in the whole office saw it and admired it. Everyone oohed and aahed and said that I was making them all look bad.  heehee  That felt really good. And I’m so glad that she likes it!

This weekend I plan to start on Baby Checks Blanket for my neighbor’s daughter. Her baby is due the third week in October, so I need to get rockin’! She’s having a boy, so I’m either going to do it all in blue and white; or in blue and two other colors that aren’t pink. I have to see which colors are available. Green and yellow would be good; or maybe a darker blue and purple. Or, maybe I’ll just get a multi-colored yarn. I don’t know yet. I’ll see what inspires me, when I’m standing in the yarn section.

After that, I’ll either make my sister’s scarf, or make her the pink and brown Sunrise Sunset Afghan. Either way, she’s getting something…

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