Et cetera!

Hello there!

I thought I’d better post an update, since it’s been a whole week.

The baby blanket that I’ve been working on is about halfway finished. I’ve completed all of one type of square and have started on the other one. I have only been doing the centers, because I can’t decide what type of join I wish to do. I can finish all the squares and sew them together; or I can do a join-as-you-go method. If I decide to do the join-as-you-go type, it is going to take a lot of planning and forethought. It would have been much easier if I hadn’t yet made all of the other squares. Sewing them together will be more simple. But, I have time to decide. I only have four of the centers finished and I need 17.

I started back to school, yesterday. I just did a review of all the previous units, as a refresher and plan to move on to the next unit, today. Coming up: Radiology coding. I am committing to finishing at least one unit per week. I really should do more than that, though. I only have until February to graduate (that’s how long my extension is good for). So, I need to rock and roll on this. I’ll see how fast I can get this done and maybe change my weekly commitment to more units.

My children are doing well. My son working the fair in Washington is getting ready to head to Florida, next. Very exciting! My son that lives 50 miles away is doing well. He’s participating in Youth Build and it seems to agree with him. And my son in Maine is doing well. His health was in question for a little while (he spent a few days in the hospital) but he is much better now.

Now for some photos…

These two were shot for The Daily Shoot. Today’s assignment: “Make an interesting photograph of something mundane and ordinary today.”

This is the one that I did not submit. The corner of the door frame on the laundry room:

This is the one that I did submit. Mini blinds:

And here are a couple of photos of our other farm animals, the pigs. Left to right are: Lunch, aka Miss Piggy; Breakfast; and Supper.

Here is a shot of my sweetie measuring Miss Piggy with a hog weigh tape. This photo gives you some sense of scale.

According to the tape, they weigh somewhere around 145 pounds, right now. They aren’t growing as fast as my dad’s pigs did, but they also aren’t as fat, either. I’m happy about that. I’m okay with slower growth, if it means that they’ll give us leaner meat.

They don’t get a lot of “junk food”. A couple of times a week they get human liquid meal replacement (Ensure) and a few loaves of bread. Mostly though, they get their grain (in the trough, above) twice a day; and lots of produce that we get from the grocery store, once a day.

Well, I better sign off for now. I need to get crackin’ on my studies…

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