My Children!

I have three boys: one lives on the opposite coast – I rarely see him; one lives about  50-miles away – I see him about once a month, or so; and one lives in the same town that I do – I see him a few times per week. The kids are 25, 20 and 23, respectively.

The son that lives here in town is getting ready to leave. He is going to work for a guy who is a vendor at State Fairs and whatnot. He will be leaving in a few days and we aren’t sure how long he’s going to be gone. But, we know that the guy is on the road for 10 months out of the year. He’s going to make good money, but we are definitely going to miss him.

Last night, we had a small get-together for him – a send-off, of sorts. My son that lives 50-miles away came and stayed the night. So, we have both boys and their girlfriends sleeping out in our Airstream, as I type this. It was so great to have them both here. I wish my eldest could have been here, too!

My sweetie BBQ’d and it was awesome! Even though all the food was put away and the dishes were washed last night, it still smells like BBQ smoke in the house. Yum! And surprisingly, we even have a few leftovers!

Sadly, everyone has to go back to their regularly-scheduled programming tomorrow; so it’s off to their homes today. But it sure has been a nice visit!

And speaking of babies… A co-worker is having one and I’ve been invited to her baby shower. This is taking place in two weeks. Invitations were sent out a couple of days ago. So, I searched frantically for some sort of yarny project that I could make. She is having a girl (nice to know the gender of the child ahead of time!) I found two baby blankets that I thought looked promising:

Sunrise Sunset blanket that I would make in pink and brown; and Flowers In The Dell blanket that I would make as written.

Since my local store doesn’t carry the necessary yarn for the Sunrise Sunset blanket, I ordered it online. But, then I began to panic. Knowing that it would take probably at least a week for the yarn to arrive, I would have to crochet like a mad woman, to get it finished in time for the baby shower. That is, IF I even got it finished in time. So, I was at my local store yesterday and they had everything to make the Flowers In The Dell blanket. I couldn’t remember how much of each color it called for, so I just grabbed three skeins of each.

Well, the pattern actually calls for 1 of pink, 2 of green and 4 of white. I think what I’ll do is just make all the squares the same. That will use up more green and less white. And I’ll trim the blanket in pink, instead of green. Or, I’ll just go back and get some more white… I dunno… I haven’t quite decided.

The yarn is a lovely, super-soft, super-fuzzy baby yarn called “Baby Cloud”. Because it is a chunky yarn, I’m using a fairly large crochet hook (size N – 9mm) and it takes me about 20 minutes to finish one square and I need 35 of them. I’m crocheting, not knitting because I’m such a slow knitter… The yarn, while quite yummy, is kind of hard to work with, because it’s very fuzzy; so it can be a bit of a struggle to pull the loops through. But, it’s going to be fabulously soft and very baby-perfect, when it’s done! I’ll post some photos of the squares, when I get a few more finished. They look A LOT better in person, than they do in the photo on the website.

Since I have the pink and brown yarn coming, I’ll probably just make it for myself and use it as a lapghan. The original pattern is actually a lapghan; so it is rather large – much larger than a typical baby blanket. So, I think it will work out well, in the end. On second thought, maybe I’ll give it to my sister. I do owe her a yarny something…

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