I’ve been neglecting my little blog for a whole week! You have my apologies! I’ve been hanging out on a couple of photography forums and I’ve been doing a lot of reading.

I have Kindle for PC and it is really great to be able to download books with one click! The drawback is that some of the books don’t show all of the photos. When it comes to photography books, it’s quite frustrating when the author refers to a photo and you can’t see it. Thankfully, it’s not ALL books that are affected.

I’ve purchased several photography (how-to type) books and bunch of Ann Rule books. Ann Rule doesn’t usually bother me; but I read four books in five days and I think it’s made me a bit paranoid! I’m locking the doors a lot more, now…

The animals are doing well. My sweetie told me that the goats were starting to shed, so I took my dog brush out there and gave them both a good brushing. All that came off were the wiry guard hairs.

Ray thoroughly enjoyed the brushing, but Frank was not so sure at first. After he saw all the hands-on attention that Ray was getting, he decided that he needed to get in on that action too. Their coats are growing in nicely, after all the trimming that they endured. I should have a nice “harvest” next Spring!

The pigs are getting big, too! They seem to grow overnight. Last night my hunny fed them some liquid meal replacement (Ensure-type stuff) and I guess they got it all over their ears. When I stepped outside for the last time last night (at about 11:15 pm) I could hear them shaking their heads. Their little ears were flopping and slapping about. It was funny.

Here are a couple of photos for you to see… These two are part of my participation in The Daily Shoot:

This first one is a picture of my mother, rest in peace. The picture of her was taken July of 1961. It generally hangs in my bathroom, where I can see her first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The rest of the scene is part of my backyard. The assignment was to take a cherished print and photograph it as part of a larger scene.

This is today’s Daily Shoot assignment; take a photograph that is predominantly yellow. This box is (obviously) no longer full. My sweetie used a lot of them to make applesauce and apple pie filling. The house smelled so good! Golden Delicious!

Well, I’m in the middle of watching a movie, “Hanging Up”… So I’m off!


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