I bought a Raynox-250 macro converter lens for my camera. It’s a lens that goes on top of your regular lens and it allows you to take close-up pictures. These two images are a couple of test shots. The first was taken as close as I could get, with just my regular lens. The second was taken getting as close I could, with the Raynox.

I didn’t use a tripod and I had the camera on full auto. I need to play with the aperture to get more depth of field. But, all in all, I’m quite happy with it! It’s not quite as magnified as I’d like, but it will work for now and it was in the budget.

For some reason, I don’t know why, the images are smaller than the others. Perhaps it’s due to their size. Ah well… If you want to see them bigger, just click on the picture.

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