Another Week Down!

Well, I’ve survived another week at work! Monday and Tuesday brought computer problems, but all worked out eventually. It’s nice to actually be able to DO SOMETHING, rather than sit there and watch other people work. I’ve been told that I’m doing a great job. I still ask (what feels to me like) a lot of questions, but they say that I’m not asking a lot and the ones that I’m asking are good ones. That feels good.

I haven’t been spending as much time with the goats as I’d like – only about 10-20 minutes a day. Ray’s behavior is suffering for it, too. He has taken to biting and rather hard, from what I’ve heard. I plan on going out there this weekend and really giving them lots of attention.

The pigs are getting big. They too are bitey; so I avoid going into their pen, as much as possible. I am certain that if one stands still long enough, they will devour you.

I might do some photography this weekend. I bought an adapter so that I can use my old lenses on my new camera. I’ve only briefly tested it and for the most part it seems to work pretty well.

I’ve been maintaining my sleep hygiene; up at 6am every day (with the exception of last Saturday). I had a bad night last night, so I was draggin’ all day today. And here it’s not even 9pm and I’m already wanting to head to bed! This naturally-going-to-bed-early thing is something that I’ve never been able to accomplish. It’s completely foreign, but quite welcomed, since I’m getting up so early. ¬†Hopefully it will continue!

One thought on “Another Week Down!

  1. I was doing really well with my sleep schedule and then the doctor changed my medication. Oh my has it gone to pot. Hopefully soon the weather will cool below the 90’s and my energy will return along with a better nights sleep. I can not tolerate the heat at all. I do normally swear by early to bed and early to rise. It’s just that when the heat leaves my energy level rises substantially and that is late at night.
    Normally my favorite time of day is between 5 and 6 in the morning when all is quiet and the world seems refreshed and new. Hope seems to fill the air and possibilities abound. It is nearing the end of August, surely the heat can’t hold out too much longer. I just hope the weather doesn’t turn too quickly for my garden need a few more weeks of nice weather since it was cold so late into the season.


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