Friday Night Startrails!

Star shots from last night. I was up until 2:30 this morning, dealing with these pictures. The alarm went off at 6 and I said “Yeah, right!” Slept in ’til 7:30. I don’t think my attempt at good sleep hygiene was a total failure… After all, I didn’t sleep until 10 or 12!

Last night, silly me, I didn’t realize that it was a full moon, until I was already out there. I let the camera do its thing and when I went back out again, the sky was completely overcast. Full moon + cloud cover does not make for the best star photos!

I shot a total of 150, 30-second frames. These were then stacked in the startrails program.

Image #1 is only the first 38 frames. No color changes have been made. To me it looks like daytime!

Image #2 utilizes all 150 frames. But, the cloud cover was so bothersome, I PhotoShopped the heck out of it. I actually rather like this image…

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