Well, my first week at my new job is finished. I received my new computer and got all the essential programs configured. Monday is moving day at the office and I will get my own desk! Yay, enough space to stretch out!

Being that it is Friday, I am taking a little leeway on my sleep situation. I still plan to get up at 6am tomorrow, but I think I can stay up a little later tonight. Sleep deprivation won’t be so bad on a weekend. I’m taking this 0pportunity to make another star photo. Hopefully I will have it all together and posted here tomorrow. The camera has been out there shooting for over an hour now; and I’d really like for it to go for at least another hour.

I’m mad at my laptop, right now. It has decided to divorce itself from my camera, for some unknown reason. I reinstalled the software and it still doesn’t recognize it. So, I had to put the software on sweetie’s computer. I hope I have better luck! I’ll just upload the photos to his computer and then transfer them all to the network. At that point, I should be able to access them from my laptop. I hope. Fingers crossed!

I plan on getting some chores done and doing school this weekend. Yes, I’m feeling rather ambitious…

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