Not Doing So Well Today…

We went to the Deschutes County Fair last night and my back has decided that I need to be punished. I haven’t had this much sciatic nerve pain, since I had my surgery! I’m hoping that with rest (and ibuprofen) it will calm down. I’m starting a new job on Monday and I don’t need to go in there broken!

But, the trip to the fair yielded a few good things, too! I got a fabulous new purse that I love immensely. And in said purse, I can even carry my camera! With this camera I can take fun pictures, like these:

We also went to see the goats. The only goats that had their horns were the Angoras (who were also in full coat). Incidentally, many of the sheep were also in full coat.

My sweetie did not like the hornless goats and he was upset that the Angoras were still in their coats. It’s been quite warm here lately, and he just knew that they were going to die from heat stress. I tried to reassure him by letting him know that their coats also insulate them from the heat. But, I don’t know if he was listening.

He also didn’t like the fact that none of the goats had their “whiskers” as he says. Their little beards… I explained to him that not all goats have them, and that females (which most of these were) are often shaved so they look more feminine. He didn’t accept that explanation and he determined to be upset about their hairlessness.

Some of the goats also managed to convince us that they were starving. They were eating their dirty bedding. It was not a pleasant thing to see, to be sure. We found some hay and gave them a little bit. We probably could have got in trouble for doing that, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

Later, we spoke to one of the older 4-H girls and she told us that most of the goats are on very strict diets and they only get fed twice a day. Ooops! Well, no one said anything to me when I carried a small flake of hay to them (and there were lots of people who seemed to be authorities around). So, maybe the goats we fed weren’t on the strict diet..? I hope…

I thought they were all very cute. There were a few mamas there with their kids, too! Talk about adorable! There was one kid that was tri-colored and had large patches of color that had polka dots inside the patches! I was instantly smitten and briefly wondered if anyone would notice if I stuck that adorable little creature under my shirt…

I didn’t take any photos of the goats, because my hunny wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. We left, with him shaking his head in disapproval.

All-in-all, it was a fun evening out, which we don’t do very often. So, it was like we were on a fun date!

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