Local Flora!

Some by nature, some by design…

These Violas are in one of my flower beds (and scattered about the property). Some we’ve planted and some have just come up on their own. I do believe this particular plant is a volunteer.

I believe this may be Lungwort… Or the Lungwort is a plant sitting next to it. Never-the-less, I planted this in my flower bed.

The sun shining through the leaves of the Quaking Aspen. My sweetie’s grandmother planted these trees 30 years ago. I love them!

This is a close-up of what I believe to be Yarrow; it is native. I wasn’t paying attention to properly identifying the plant before I snapped the photo. There had been a butterfly enjoying the flowers; but by the time I figured out why the camera wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do, it was gone. HUMBUG! So, I just focused on the flowers, instead!

I love that the camera can pick up tiny details that my own eyes will miss. Yeah, need to get to the ophthalmologist… Yay! Bifocals!  .NOT.

Needless to say, the goats’ mobile pen isn’t coming anywhere near any of this stuff – except the Yarrow.

Most folks consider Yarrow to be a weed; but it is a remarkably useful medicinal herb! And while we haven’t used it yet, it is quite welcome in our yard.

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