All By Myself!

I was able to get the goats out of the mobile pen, all by myself this evening. Yay! If I can get them out, I should be able to get them in… Theoretically…

After we had been in the yard for a bit, Frank went to the corner and stood there, stiff as a board, looking off towards the woods; Ray soon joined in. My heart started thumping a little, too, as I wondered what was out there… Coyote? Deer? Cougar? We could hear something rustling and crashing around through the underbrush. We watched intently, waiting to see what sort of predatory monster was going to come bursting through the trees. And we were poised to flee. (Yes, I think this way because I’m a city girl who has been transplanted to the country. I’m often a little paranoid when I’m outside.)

Well, in just a few moments we saw them, weaving in and out of the trees on the edge of the forest. First, a small black and white streak. Then a bigger brown, white and black streak. I realized that it was Thumper chasing Domino (aka The Demon). That meant that Thumper somehow got out.

The Demon is a kitten (about 9 months old) that Thumper raised. So they chase, and rassle, and generally play rough. Woe be to the human that tries to play with Domino, sans chainmaille gloves… You’ll walk away bloody. He’s not mean, he just doesn’t realize that humans are soft targets.

Anyways, I just knew they were going to head into the woods, so I thought I’d better get out there and try to get Thumper back in. Naturally, he was ignoring me, until I said the “C” word… Candy… Mmmm… Yummy candy… Well, he quickly changed course and came right for me. When he got halfway across the yard I started running for the door, hoping he’d chase me. He did. He fell for it… So, he got some treats for being good and coming back. Thankfully, I made it up the steps before he got to me. I feared that we would trip over each other, racing up the stairs.

James and I sat out on the back porch for a little bit, after getting Ray and Frank into the pig pen, and Thumper showed no interest in the gate, at all. I was wondering if perhaps he had realized that he could get out, or if I left it open. Yeah… I’m inclined to say that I must’ve left it open, when I went to get the boys from the mobile pen. Bad mommy! Lesson learned.

Oh, and another lesson learned this evening… The hot-wire is working! I went to lean the pitchfork against the fence and ZAP!!! The back of my wrist touched the hot-wire. Oh yeah, she’s kickin’! No worries there! It’s working for sure!

In other news, I’m bidding on a camera on eBay. I’m so tired of taking horrible, awful, terrible phone photos! Our bills are lower this week, and my birthday will be in a few weeks. So, I’m going to try to get myself a decent digital point-n-shoot camera. Then I’ll start posting project photos, more goat photos, more hound photos, maybe some kitty photos… It will be fun! I’ll know in less than four days, whether or not I’m the winner. Hmmm… Maybe I should go increase my max bid…

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