The goats were baa-aa-ad today. I’ve been trying to teach them to stay off the porch (they “knock” on the door with hooves and horns). We finally ran some of the electric fencing across the entrance and they managed to figure out how to jump over it.

When I was cleaning the pig/goat pen, they decided that they needed to get totally rambunctious. They were chasing each other all over the place. I’ve never seen them that crazy! Naturally, they kept going onto the porch. Even when I tried to block their path, they just tried to ram their way past me.

So, I grabbed their leads (their leads are always on, unless they’re in the pig/goat pen, for this very reason, so we can catch them when we need to) and dragged them into the pen, with me. They didn’t like it much, because they’re used to being out of there during the day (in the main yard). I didn’t feel confident enough to be able to take them out to the mobile pen (tricky “door”), where they’ve been spending much of their time lately. They were being rowdy with the pigs, too; but they finally settled down and took naps. Thank God!

Then, when my sweetie got back from running an errand, we took them out to the mobile pen. We just brought them back into the big yard a little while ago… Yep, still being rowdy… So, we put the electric fencing across the entrance to the porch and then put a couple of boxes on the steps. So far, so good… No knocking on the door… Yet.

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