Photos of Goats!

I decided to go ahead and post some photos of my boys.

Here they are on their first day at their new home. Ray is the gray one and Frank is the black and brown one.

As you can see, they were quite furry when they arrived. The gal we got them from had snipped some fur off of Ray; but Frank was too skittish to be trimmed, so he is in his full coat.


Here is Ray today standing up on one of the panels of their new mobile pen. As you can see, we were able to get most of his fleece trimmed off. At the time of this photo, he still had three small places that needed trimming. We have since taken care of them. So he is nice and clean, now!


Here is Frank enjoying some bark from one of the trees that’s currently inside the mobile pen. We were able to trim some of his fur. His coloring makes it hard to see, but we got most of the fleece cut on this side. We were advised to just pin him down or tie him up and just get it all cut off. But, we can’t do that. He’s already skittish and we don’t want to traumatize him any more than we need to. We just trim when he lets us, and we stop when he walks away. You can see Ray’s head at the bottom of the frame. He is such an attention hound! He was saying, “No mommy! Look at ME!”

We built the mobile pen out of cattle panels. It was placed in a nice, dappled-shade area, where they had access to trees, weeds and grass. Naturally, we put some hay and water in there; as well as a large wooden spool and a small end table. They enjoyed jumping around and stretching up to reach the tree branches. They played “King of the Hill” on top of the spool… Frank won.

I was working in the yard on that side of the property, today; so it was nice that they were able to see me and talk to me, all day. The boys enjoyed having a change of scenery, too. I think the mobile pen is going to work out great!

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