Able to Trim Frank!

I was able to trim some more on Frank, finally!

He decided that he needed to jump up on a makeshift “table” that we have out in the yard. The “table” consists of two sawhorses topped with three wide boards. It’s such an unstable surface, I really don’t like the goats being up there – but they are nothing, if not determined. And until we come up with another solution, it will stay.

So, when he jumped up there, I said “If I let you stay up there, will you let me snip some of your fur?” and he did! So, I got busy with the scissors! A friend loaned us an old pair of dagging shears, but they scare me. Huge scary blades! So, I just used a small pair of scissors that I felt more confident handling.

He would let me snip for several minutes and then he’d jump off the table. A minute later, he’d jump back up and we’d continue with the trimming. This went on for about 45 minutes or an hour. I was quite pleased! When we were all done, he was running and jumping all over – head-butting his brother. It was a joy to see! He was obviously pleased, as well!

We had a birthday party to attend this afternoon and left my son home with the animals. He sent me a text a few hours later saying that the goats were on a rampage. Apparently they had messed up the “table” and the porch and they learned how to unplug the fence (hotwire). Oh boy! He managed to get them into the pen and turn the fence back on (pen and fence are on the same charger). We didn’t get home until after dark; but he warned me that we have quite a mess to deal with in the morning. I’m so not looking forward to that! I guess it’s time we evolve and add another layer of hotwire. They say there is no fence that will hold a determined goat; I’m certain this is true.

We left Thumper home, too. It’s so nice to come home to that wagging tail! He acts like he thought we’d never return; he’s so happy to see us. We don’t leave him home very often; so that greeting is usually reserved for visitors.

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